Projector Screen question - Has anyone every just bought screen materal and used that only ?


Mar 18, 2007
Like for example no frame or is this a bad idea ?

I just want a very light screen I can roll up by hand manually when I am not using it or is this a bad idea too ?

If you need a drawing/picture what I want to do I will post one.

Basically I will stick the screen to the wall with little double sided tape things. Forgot what they were called. I don't want anything that will make a hole or take the paint off the wall.


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Sep 13, 2001
Many people make DIY frames.

You will want to have something around the edges though to absorb any bleed over. That's why they are typically black velvet because you can't really see anything that is projected onto it anyways.

If you roll it up manually you have the chance of putting a crease/wrinkle in it.

If you plan to put the screen up/down often, it's going to be a little more work than you would think though because it'll have to be level and be in the same spot every time where you have the projector pointing.

And one thing I learned when I struggled to mount my screen on my wall, was that my wall wasn't exactly flat. And it was a pain in the ass to get my frame on because of that. But I endd up managing. I don't think I've taken it off my wall in about 8 years.


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Sep 30, 2005
Either get a rollup screen or use screens with border that has anchor holes and just use elastic band or something and 3m backed hooks. You need to tension the sides of the screen or it will wrinkle fast.

Example, not recommendation.