Program to Keep Track of Random E-Mail Statistics?


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Jun 9, 2004
I've been thinking about a side project regarding e-mail. I'm subscribed to a listserv that has gotten a ton of mail from various peoples in the past year, and I was wondering if there was any way to compile statistics on this heap of mail, fun facts like a tally on how many e-mails specific people have sent to the listserv. There's about 3,000 people subscribed to the listserv, and the I've gotten about 3,000 messages in the past year, so it'd be impracticable to do manually.

Are there any e-mail programs out there that compile such normally useless statistics? Any ideas on how to tackle the problem if I want to program something myself (I haven't programed in ages, and I don't think I can manipulate anything more sophisticated than a text file . . . but then again, if there's any way to get a textfile of the contents of my inbox, it'd be able to work with it).

Any ideas for this rather mundane problem?