Profile Baja B200 amp for $39.90 at CC

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    May 5, 2001
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    I was looking for an amp to drive my brother's 10" Jensen sub 150RMS 450 Peak, and found this which is a great little powerful amp. It shows at $69.90 online CC, but here in South CA, Glendale to be exact it was $39.90 at the store and they had 1 in stock, the salesman told me that they were going fast, and he had sold 7 to 10 everyday, anyway, I brought it home, hooked it up to a spare AT power supply and I was very immpressed by its power,


    50x2 RMS at 4 OHMS
    75x2 RMS at 2 OHMS
    150x1 RMS at 4 OHMS

    it even has a built in high, low crossover with gain and 12db BASS BOOST!!