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problems with Prime95

Apr 17, 2003
i ran prime with a 1700+@2100 mhz w/ 1.65V and it wont go more than a couple hours without erroring out. but i play games for 3 hours at a time without a single issue. if i hadnt ran prime i would never know the system was unstable as it has NEVER cause any of problem. whats the deal here?


Diamond Member
Dec 28, 2000
Prime95 catches any errors, even the smallest ones. Those smaller errors probally don't have enough of an immediate effect on your system to crash it, or shut it down. Though I'm sure prolonged use will have a few extra 0s and 1s where they don't belong, and over time, will cause the system to be unstable.

Its your choice if you want to leave it the way it is, or fix the Prime95 errors. I wouldn't fret too much. Either leave it, or bump up the voltage, get better cooling or lower the overclock.


Senior member
Jan 27, 2002
I just ran prime fore 24 on errors i have a 2500 @ 11x200 i had to up my volts to 1.7 even though others say they get the same overclock at default volts/1.65