Problems with my FreeBSD box


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Dec 24, 2000
I posted another thread earlier last week about this particular server. Many said it wasn't a problem running mail and web software
on the same server. Now I get this issue.

FreeBSd 4.7
P4-2 GHZ with 256MB RAM

All of a sudden i see messages on the console stating the system couldn't access the SWAP partition.
I think it also said something about running out of room. Anyways, I ended up rebooting it (the system didn't reboot itself)
just to be safe.

Running 'top' I see about 8 instances of httpd. The server runs postfix and squirrelmail. At any given time I think we have about
2-3 users checking their email at the school. Here's a message I get on three different lines with different PID.

mail /kernel: PID 184 (httpd), uid 80 exited on signal 4

Also, running phpsysinfo shows that the system uses more than 80% of the memory. It's even tapped into SWAP about 3 percent.



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Sep 14, 2001
From my Linux signal(7) man page:

Signal Value Action Comment
SIGHUP 1 A Hangup detected on controlling terminal
or death of controlling process
SIGINT 2 A Interrupt from keyboard
SIGQUIT 3 C Quit from keyboard
SIGILL 4 C Illegal Instruction
SIGABRT 6 C Abort signal from abort(3)
SIGFPE 8 C Floating point exception
SIGKILL 9 AEF Kill signal
SIGSEGV 11 C Invalid memory reference
SIGPIPE 13 A Broken pipe: write to pipe with no readers
SIGALRM 14 A Timer signal from alarm(2)
SIGTERM 15 A Termination signal

They're probably the same on FreeBSD, but you might want to check and be sure.

The only time I've personally seen SIG4 was on Linux on Sparc, and I believe it was an improperly compiled program so the illegal instruction made sense to me.


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Jun 30, 2000
You're not going to see free memory, that would be wasting it, the system will put it to use for disk caching, etc if its not doing anything else and free it as it needs.

Lets see a "df -h" and "swapinfo"

Might also want to take a look at /var/log/httpd-error.log and see if there are any more details in there