Problems with Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard


Senior member
May 26, 2004
Hey guys, I just purchased a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3.0 Mac/Win bundle. I love the mouse that came with it, but the keyboard has one major flaw. Whenever I hold down any key for more than a few seconds, it automatically disengages. Like, if I'm playing a racing game, and up is acceleration, after a few seconds, it will just act as if I'm not pressing it anymore. This is the same case for any key, and it's really annoying. I tried reinstalling the drivers, and upgrading to a newer version, but I haven't had any luck. Anyone know what's up with this? I've never encountered it before. Thanks.


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Apr 2, 2001
I wonder if it's a "feature" that MS implemented to prevent the keyboard's batteries from dying too quickly. Perhaps they killed the keyboard's output while a key is pressed for a certain amount of time in case something is set on the keyboard...

MS's hardware support is generally pretty decent, at least it was last time I used it. Give them a call and see what they have to say.