Problems with Intel 82865G/ Dell E772P


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Apr 14, 2001
For about 4 months I have been able to run 1280x1024 on my work desktop. Last night, somebody monkied with my computer, and this morning I found it on 1280x1024 resolution but only displaying 1024x768. I had a hard time getting it to the 1280x1024 to begin with (not sure why), and I have not been able to put it back.

The only thing that has worked so far is uninstalling any video drivers. That will default me to 1280x1024 and let me stay there, but window movement is slow.

I tried 3 sets of drivers: the ones that came with the machine, the ones that are updated on Dell's site, and the latest Intel drivers. All of them do the same thing. I know this display can do what I want because I had it working once, and without drivers, it will also work (aside from the slow movement of windows and scrolling).

Is there a workaround for this? Is there someplace in Windows that forces this display back to where it used to be?