problems with 8k5a2+


Senior member
Oct 7, 2000
Hi guys,

I have a 8k5a2+, originally it was working fine. i was switching back and forth my 8500dv and marvel g400 for testing. All of a sudden now i go into the bios and i can't set the AGP bus to 4x. I only have options for 1x or 2x. It does this for both cards.

I tried resetting the board(cmos) and it gives me a "beep" signifying i dont' have a video card installed in the system. and it doesn't post at all. if i hit the reset button, it reloads but only shoes in agp 2x mode. This only happens to the radeon 8500DV.

If i stick in the marvel. It doesn't give me the "beep". it would post right up. If i got into bios it shows AGP 4x. But when i boot into windows it Sandra shows AGP2x. I reboot, and go into bios and now it's on 2x. With no 4x option. Just 1x and 2x.

Can someone tell me what's going on. Is my board fried or is there something else i'm not doing right.