Problem with SLI 6800's and Windows Media Center.


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Aug 11, 2000
I've got a weird problem with a XPS600 using two 6800 cards.

I can play dvd's in PDVD and in Windows Media Player just fine, When I use the player in Windows Medica CENTER i get nasty scan lines on the screen making it impossible to watch. I can close that and re-open WMP or PDVD and they'll still play fine. With SLI disabled Windows media CENTER will play the dvd correctly.

Ok thats my first topic I posted elsewhere. this is what I have tried since then.

With some advice I tried installing different dvd decoders.
Power dvd has a WMC supported decoder. I also installed the supported purevideo one from nvidia. Outside of media center Pdvd plays videos fine "as the only encoder installed and set as preferred" Inside media player "supposedly using pdvd's decoder" I still get lines upon lines across the screen "A flickering picture" I then Installed nvidia's purevideo and uninstalled PDVD and exactly the same issue exists. Plays dvd's fine from external but in WMC it has tons of lines and is unwatchable. If I disable SLI mode I can use any of the media players and they all work fine. I'm lost as I'm new to SLI and haven't had this type of issue before. Chime in experts :D