Problem with sharing on WinXP x64, please help


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Nov 1, 2004
I am pretty computer savvy and very comfortable with home networking that I have setup. I have been sharing files between my main computer and my laptops at home. The main computer and one laptop run WinXP 32 bit and then wife's laptop runs Vista 32 bit. Recently, I upgraded my main system and decided to install WinXP 64bit SP2 to take advantage of the 8GB rams I have. After installing WinXP 64bit and configuring everything, I was able to get into the main system from both of the laptops without problem. As time goes on, after updates and everything, one day I tried to connect to the main computer with my laptop and wasn't able to (says something about I do not have permission to use this network resource.......Not enough server storage is available to process this command). I made sure that my user name and log in password are correct on the main computer. They all are in the same workgroup. Funny thing is when I shared my DVD rom on the main computer, the laptops can connect to that and download files from the DVD disc no problem. It's just the folders and harddrives that I can't connect to. In reverse, I can connect from main computer to either laptops no problem.

I am not using any Firewall softwares except for whatever comes with WinXP x64 SP2

I am also running this through my Linksys router with Tomato firmware that I recently upgraded. I had this problem prior to upgrading so I don't think the router is the problem.

Any input or suggestions are appreciated.