Problem with reset of overclocking parameters


Junior Member
Aug 13, 2008
I have a Q6700 in a Gigabytes P35-ds3 motherboard with Zalman cooling, 2GB ballistix memory (533 MhZ memory freq, timing 5-5-5-15) I am running Vista 32 bit.
I can overclock this to 3.2 GHz cpu freq (10x320) and adjust the memory multiplier to give me the stock memory freqency (I am not overclocking the memry at this point).
The system boots fine and runs a 36 hour prime 95 stress test (I amk using the version that uses all the cores in the CPU) and max temp is 62 degrees C on the hottest core under full load.
When I reboot the system or power of the system everything is fine. However on the next reboot the power supply seems to start up fine, the reset and the system boots as normal with the stock settings again.
I have left the voltage adjustments to auto in the BIOS. I am thinking that maybe the memory voltage needs to be upped (the doc with the modules states 2.2v is fine). I should probably set the Vcore on the CPU manually as well. What is the stock setting for the vCore on a Q6700? CPU-Z reports the CPU vCore at just over 1.3v during windows idle.
Does anyone have any other tips for me here?