Problem with adding SATA drive to existing Raid 1 in winxp

Discussion in 'Memory and Storage' started by aghusker, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Can anyone help?

    I have a raid 1 using two 320 GB SATA drives, with WinXP Pro. (shows as C:/)

    I just bought a new 640 GB SATA drive that I wanted to add as a separate drive (eg, d:/), not part of existing RAID.

    Disk management in winxp sees the drive (after NVidia software initializes the disk), but no drive letter is assigned, and I have no option to format it (when I right click on drive it gives 'Change to Dynamic disc', 'properties', and 'help' options).

    Asus P5N32-e sli plus board.

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    You're on an NVidia mobo, with RAID enabled? Check and see if RAID is enabled FOR THAT PORT in the BIOS.

    Edit: Just to be clear, if you don't want the drive on that port to be part of a RAID, you need to make sure that it's not enabled for RAID in the BIOS.