Problem with a few games in Windows 8

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    This is a new build except the video card which I pulled from my old system (Radeon 4850) Z77 MB 3570k cpu & Windows 8 pro. Drivers are all up to date. I don't have a lot of stuff installed yet, but 2 games aren't working. Doom 3 BFG & GTA IV. Both give me a "has stopped responding" message as soon as I run them. I have the latest DirectX, Net Framework & VC++ redistribution installed. The only advice I found Googling this was to try installing older drivers, but the HD 4xxxx cards don't have W8 drivers from AMD. So the built in drivers from MS seem to be my only option here. I did remove them and tried installing some Windows 7 ones, I didn't get an error. But when I rebooted my resolution was stuck @ 1024x768 and nothing was listed in the device manager for video card.

    ANy ideas here? Googling both these games + W8 I'm not seeing anyone with the same problem.
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    Im not familiar with any of the software, but i know the original Doom3 was OpenGL if i recall corectly? is the BFG version and GTA also OpenGL? your statment sounds like you imply other games do work on your system? are the other games DirectX# or OpenGL?

    sorry cant really help but definitly sounds like a driver or system render issue, If it happens to be only OpenGL though mybe itl give you a starting point