problem networking a crossover with the phoneline network


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Aug 20, 2000
Okay I have a cable modem connected to a router (smc barracade). I then have one line connected from the router to a bridge/router (a phoneline type) that connects to a phoneline. This phoneline is then connected to the wall jack (of course :) ). On the otherside I have a phoneline connected to a computer downstairs. Therefore I have a computer downstairs that can access the internet via a phoneline type network (10mps diamond card). In the downstairs computer I have a usual network card (linksys) in it.

What I want is to connect my lappy to the downstairs computer via crossover cable so I can access the internet downstairs on the lappy if I want to.

Therefore the lappy will be connected to a crossover cable which is connected to the downstairs computer. This downstairs computer is connected to the internet via phoneline network card.

I cannot get the lappy to access the web!
I opened network nieborhood and it shows that both computers (downstairs computer and lappy) are connected.
But I cannot access internet! help me! I need DoD and my wife needs internet access downstairs to work!
If you guys cannot help I cannot play DoD when my wife wants to work downstairs! ACK! :)

Oh btw both computers have win2000.


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Sep 19, 2000
so do you have ICS enabled on the downstairs computer? it's under tcp/ip properties.

basically, that will turn the downstairs machine into a second "router" which is what you need.