problem: IBM DHEA 36480 and NTFS/FAT32 format


Nov 2, 2000
I have the following problem:
I just wanted to use my old IBM DHEA 36480 6,4 GB IBM drive in my server PC (Windows NT 4.0). I cleared all partitions and made one 6,4 Gb partition. Everthing fine. I tried to format it with the NTFS filesystem: NT could not perform the operation... damn. I tried both: quick and normal format...

I though my drive could be damaged: I connected it to another PC (Win2kPro): the same result with NTFS BUT: I can format it with FAT32 without an error.... but FAT32 does not help me much unter NT 4.0...

is there another tool except the FAT32forNT tool from sysinternals? Is there any freeware program?

Any other idea?