Printing to different trays with new dell printer


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Dec 29, 2002
Hey folks,
I just got a new Dell 2230dn Laser printer for our business. We also got the extra 550 sheet tray to go with it.

My question: Is there an easy way to tell specific programs to print to specific trays
IE. We are a pharmacy, can we tell our prescription program to print SPECIFICALLY to tray 2, where the labels are, while everything else prints to tray 1 where the plain paper is?

Or is there a way to create more than one printer in windows?
IE Have 2 Dell laser printers in windows printers and devices, but one prints only to tray 1, the other printing only to tray 2?


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Aug 20, 2004
See info here .. it may help

and here:

Most programs, can be configured to select printer and tray. You need to open the program, select Print, then look at the options tabs for Paper, Orientation, etc. One of them
will have the correct choice.

As to installing the printer twice, yes, it should work. Just give it another name. Such as drug labels, for the label utility. Another option is an inexpensive printer that just does labels.
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