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Printing a 6"x4" photo with 'crop image to fit page'


May 19, 2011
I'm using Lubuntu 16.04 LTS. I use XnViewMP as my main photo management program, but weird things happened when attempting to set the relevant options, for example when attempting to use the 'page setup' UI (which seems to be a common UI - I saw the same thing in the 'Nomacs' app), in XnViewMP when changing the paper size nothing happened (the parent window stayed with stating dimensions for A4), and in Nomacs it got really confused when I accidentally set 'envelope' rather than 6x4 and didn't recover, then when I restarted it, it acted in a similar way to XnViewMP.

Is there a good app on Linux / Ubuntu derivatives for this kind of printing? I ended up firing up my Win7 VM and using the default Windows Photo Viewer to get a suitable printing option.

I wonder whether there's half a chance of some weird interaction with print drivers on Lubuntu / Linux that could have caused the page setup UI to not work properly. Does anyone here have any experience of that? The printer in question is an Epson WF-3520, and after some teething issues it has worked fine otherwise.
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