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Prime95 Acting Weird After Core Voltage Increase


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Sep 23, 2016
Greetings people.

I'm testing my first overclock. Its a 6850K overclocked to 4.4Ghz running on a Asus ROG Rampage Edition 10.

At first core voltage was at 1.25V , and Prime95 was able to stress all the 6 cores to 100% without problem, but Some 3D Mark benchmarks were crashing, so I raised Core voltage to 1.30v and CPU Cache voltage to 1.25v

Problem is that now, Prime 95 cant stress the CPU to 100% . It stress some cores, then others, but never all the 6 cores.

Any help on this please?

BTW These are the values of my actual OC:

AI OC Tunner = XMP

XMP= DDR4 3200 (mem sticks are 8x4 Dominator Platinum 3200 CL15)

CPU Strap= 100Mhz

CPU Core Ratio = Sync all Cores

Core Ratio Limit = 44

AVX Inst Core Neg Offset = 3

MAX / MIN CPU Cache Ratio = 34

CPU Load Line Calibration = LEVEL 6

EIST = Disabled

CPU Core Volt = 1.30v

CPU Cache Volt = 1.25v

CPU Input Volt = 1.80v

DRAM Volt =1.35v (as listed in RAM chart)

Is something wrong here maybe?


Jun 30, 2004
You haven't posted any temperatures. Maybe it's throttling?
I'm wondering if he chose the appropriate number of threads in the "Torture Test" menu. Is it possible that it had a default, instead of an on-the-fly detection of cores and threads?
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