pretty warm, Sony RM-AV3000 LCD univ remote $109


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Feb 21, 2002
This is a relegendable LCD programmable universal remote, capable of controlling up to 18 devices, with macros, timers, et al. The going price at Best Buy and others is $199. has it for $108.95, plus shipping. Reviews of this remote are available at Ecost has this in their Bargain Countdown (expires at some point), but they've already rolled this over once since I ordered mine Friday. Next day shipping to NC totaled at $122.14. Use the search feature at Ecost to find this. They show 492 units in stock as of this post. Their part number 1397123. Note, unlike the Pronto, this unit does NOT let you design buttons on the LCD, but simply relabels some. It has "hard" buttons too, for devices, volume, channel, etc.