President Bush Bitched Slapped by Israel

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May 13, 2002
Originally posted by: Drift3r
Originally posted by: Alistar7
I wouldnt call his rebuke of israel rare, he has done that more oftenthan any other American president, and quite frankly their actions deserve that and far more.

You notice they have begun dismantling some of their settlements, there was a bitch slap, but if was Bush giving, not getting. Why do you think the rest of the international community wabts the US at the lead in this matter?. Because they know we are the only ones that can rein Israel in....

I see are they still moving around those empty trailers again ?
not even sure what that means....

There are 4 major backers of the peace plan, all agreed the US should be the one at the forefront. Do you even know who they are?