Question Powerpoint: restricted fonts


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Aug 27, 2020
I use MS PowerPoint 2016 MSO Version 2303 Build 16 (32 Bit). I got a pptx file from my professor. When I open it it says (I assume it did not say this when I started the file for the first time):
This presentation cannot be edited because it contains at least one read-only embedded (restricted) font. To edit the presentation you need to remove the restricted fonts. (...)
The following read-only fonts are included in this presentation: Akkurate LL TT

When I got in edit mode and edited I realized that I could not edit the footers of some slides, why? Are there some of theses fonts?

When I saved what I edited so far, then PowerPoint said:
Some fonts cannot be saved with this presentation: Akkurat LL TT - font not available
I have installed several fonts of the font family "Accurate". I searched with Google and also here in the forum, but found nothing useful. It is possible to uninstall the fonts, but I assume that this should not be preferred.
What can I do?