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powercolor hd 5670 problem


Junior Member
Dec 27, 2013
hi guys this is my first post in the forum.

i recently bought a powercolor 5670 1gb 128bit graphic card. my specs are;
a hp m8050tr model, core2duo e6420 with asus p5lp le motherboard, 3gb ram and 500gb hdd. and my psu is liteon 300w.
mobo has pcie x16 which i dont know which version it has.

like i said i purchased this 5670 since i read all over the forums that it is compatible with my pcie slot. but when i plug in the card the screen is blank. i plugged the additional 6 pin power as well the fan of graphic card is spinning again no screen.

i need help of your guys what should i do?
what is my mobo's pcie version?

i hope i had been clear enough but if i m not please inform me. since im a noob of hardware there might be some stuff that i ve missed
thanks for your help in advance...

The Day Dreamer

Senior member
Nov 5, 2013
5670 is a PCIE 2.1 card AFIK. However it work with most of the PCI Express x16 slots.

It depends on hardware combination if you don't have latest PCIE sot.

Worked with mine too. Mine is ASUS m2n MX SE plus. Bad luck for you.