Discussion Power (TDP) ZEN4, AM4 vs AM5, Power stage Vcore load 80A - 90A - 105A


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Dec 6, 2018
Since AMD CPU TDP doesn't mean as much as we would want it to mean:

Checking new motherboards of AM5, Vcore power stage seems to be 80A, 90A or 105A.
When we look at the AM4 motherboards it's more like 50A, 60A or 70A. (although 40A also exist)

high range: 105A / 70A = +50% average current
low range: 80A / 50A = +60% average current
170W/105W TDP +62% maximum average energy for the CPU is about right.
(Assuming the same Vcore voltage as on 7nm)

Compared to intel AL motherboards, they also seems to go up to an 105A power stage.
So it looks like AMD and intel will be competing with the same maximum motherboard power delivery now.
(assuming their Vcore voltages are about the same)