Power on issues PSU or Board?


Apr 28, 2006
My Rig is a bit old , but it still play games decently @ 1080p on mid settings.. anyways

i recently had booting issues with it ... no beeps and etc.. i have to turn in on and off several times for it to work , sometimes it'll just boot on the first try , there are times that it just wont boot at all , but once it boots , it's rock stable.. never crashed and experienced any BSOD , tested with Prime95 and Furmark... never had a problem

so any ideas ? signs of aging components ?

Intel Core i7 2600
MSI B75A-G43 Board
16gb Gskill Ripjaws 1600
FSP Aurumn Gold 650w PSU
Geforce GTX 960 2Gb


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Aug 11, 2001
What does Won't Boot mean exactly?
When you press the power button, is there any signs of life? Does the PSU fan spin even the slightest bit? Do you get anything on the monitor? Does it proceed to a certain point then not finish booting and if so, where does it stop?

It is possible for a bad board to do this, I've seen it happen when a particular transistor was cool/cold on an Abit something-or-other (yeah, that means old board, it was a few years ago), but more often PSU, particularly one or two filter caps on the 5VSB circuit. They're typically near the smaller transformer, I would pull the PSU, pop it open to inspect the caps, and dust it out while open, if needed... and if it has a sleeve bearing fan then it's a good time to add a drop or two of thick oil to lube it (if possible, in recent years some sleeve bearing fans have moved to a sealed bearing design to save 1 cent.