Power loss failure (immediate reset) whenever switching from power adapter to battery


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May 6, 2014

IBM Thinkpad x40 with windows xp, don't have this problem before. additional information:

Battery work fine (more then 4 hours).
If unplugging in the stand by mode having any problem as well as when the PC shutdown .
plug back (switching from battery to external power) without any problem.
try to change battery and power adapter always the same problem.

me suggestion is HW issue.

any help welcome:
some post about
which component gone
any solution?



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Oct 9, 1999
A couple of possibilities:

1. The system includes a diode or transistor that switches between battery and the external power supply. If that component or any associated control circuitry is faulty, it could cause a momentary power loss when switching between them.

2. A mechanical part of the power jack on your motherboard is faulty causing a similar momentary interruption.

If the machine is otherwise sound, I'd suggest taking it to a qualified repair technician., and hope they don't charge too much for an estimate. The biggest question is whether it will be worth the cost of repairing an XP machine, rather than applying the same money toward the purchase of a new one.

Good luck. :)