Power LED & Dual Color - MSI K7TPro2A


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Dec 15, 2000
This question is about the dual LED on my case.
The power LED lead from my case is connected to pin-5-6 on the MSI Motherboard. The LED in my case is the 2 color type...Red and Green.

I understand from the manual that Green is FULL on mode and Red is indicating that system is in suspend mode.

My problem (question) The LED is only green for a split second at beginning of booting up..THEN it is red while system is running.

Isn't it supposed to be green! While the system is running??
Is this related to a setting in my bios?
Any help??


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Dec 15, 2000
I see green!! .. HMMM..think I'll go down to Radio Shack and get a new "cool" blue LED :cool:

Yes I know I have too much time on my hands :D


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Feb 13, 2021

I'm in process of upgrading of old cases(Silverstone FT02 and GD01-MX) to USB3 and traditional red/green LEDs (yeah I heat blue LEDs)

Sounds simple?
It was until I found two-colour LED wit common cathode in my eletronic box and started wondering if I can use it in such case
I cannot find trough google what's the pinout in those solutions. In your case it sounds like two-pin bicolor diode that's changing colour after reversing polarity. But is it common standard?

As I stated before I cannot google it, and I wonder why there's 3-pin Power LED connector standard at all?
But as I want to make my cased both futureproof and featureful, I started investigating more (especially because GD01-MX is multimedia HTPC case, so sleep/S1/S3 LED woulde be very useful feature [like on most receivers]). And because it's long and braided cabled in case of FT01, it's not so easy to add another one (so I hope that

I usually got separate 2-pin and 3-pin Power Led connectors, and on some boards they are labeled as mled(message led). And the only markings are + and -
So I've grabbed multimeter and tested two mobos and got totally different results (I've checked it multiple times to make sure). On any of them any of the pins between Power LED and HDD LED is shorted (so it means no common cathode and anode, between these two LEDs)

1) ASrock Z87 Extreme4 - On the 3-pin connector (labbeled as PLED1), two pins are shorted to +positive pin on 2-pin connector.
2) GA-H61M-S1 - On the 3-pin connector (labbeled as PLED1) two pins are shorted to negative- pin on 2-pin connector.

I've checked multiple time, so it's very strange the middle pin is sometimes connected to + and sometimes to -
I've checked manuals for both mbotherboards and it's the case. Also both supports blinking in manual(so I guess no bicolor).

It's the only resource about biLED with reversible polariy I've found, but I still wonder if middle pin is relict of the past (and if so, if it was used for anything [like TURBO button in 486 times], except being there ;-)

Intel® Desktop Boards also include an alternate front panel power/sleep LED header. Use this header if your chassis provides only a 3-pin connector to the front power LEDs.

Pin assignments

PinSignal NameDescription
1POWER_LED_MAIN[Out] Front panel LED (main color)
2Key (no pin)
3POWER_LED_ALT[Out] Front panel LED (alt color)