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Nov 28, 2001
Originally posted by: BannedTroll
Originally posted by: Locut0s
Originally posted by: element
Originally posted by: Vic
Originally posted by: element
Pot makes you dumb as fscking sh!t. Why the fsck you think they call it dope?

Most of you pea brains are dumb enough as it is.

You know what the most dangerous thing on earth is?

I'll bet you don't....dumbass...

ok I'll tell you

Human Stupidity.

That's right. Worse than any tsunami, earthquake, or whatever natural event you can think of.

there is no devil. the most evil destructive force on earth are stupid humans in large numbers.

they've killed more people for the worst fscking reasons imaginable.

and you think it's ok for people to get even dumber than that?

how fscking stupid can you get?

/end rant mode.
You must've smoked a sh!tload of pot to get as stupid as you are then.

You've got a good sig:" "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of Man." -- Thomas Jefferson "

But a stupid post. You've offered nothing but an ad hominem attack, in other words attacking the person rather than the discussed topic.

Not only that, you've done so most unconvincingly and your comment was witless, deviod of any humor or intelligence as well.

Go die in a fire due to dropping your joint on some flammable materials and stfu.
How was your original post any better? in other words attacking the person rather than the discussed topic. I mean wtf to you call "Most of you pea brains are dumb enough as it is." and "how fscking stupid can you get?" and "I'll bet you don't....dumbass...". As for content you hardly addressed my original post nor the comments of others directly either. In stead you went off on a rant about how stupid humanity is, something I think a lot of us can agree on but which has little if anything to do with the conversation at hand.
ummmm....your post was retarded and shows an obvious lack of knowledge of the subject. Add to that it was inflammatory and seems to attack pot users.......and ...well....stfu
Excuse me? Did you respond to the wrong person?



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Mar 8, 2001
Originally posted by: element
"Maybe, but your post was pretty retarted. Pot might affect my brain, but 3 hours later I am pretty sure that as dumb as it might make me, its all worn off.

I still get As in college, I hold a decent job, and I've kept my scholarship quite easily even if I smoke a lot of pot (and I do). So how is it making me "dumb as fvcking sh!t", as you so eloquently put it?"

Well for one thing, I can spell retarded without sounding like one.
Well crap, I spelled one word wrong. I guess that makes me "sound like a retarded". Did some pot smoker like, burn your house down when you were little or something? What the hell is your problem?

I don't think its hurting you, so why be so against it?


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Jun 29, 2004
The worst effect of cannabis is its illegality. The drug itself won't likely ruin your life, but the prison sentence will.