Postal service........ARGHHHHH


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Oct 9, 1999
My rant:

In the last 6 months I have had 3 credit card statements, home owners bill, phone bill, mortgage bill, gift certificate, zoo membership package, electric bill, and car renewal notice all returned to sender marked as undeliverable or just plain never show up.

Those are just the things I know of. That sh*t can really screw you up......!

After filing 3 complaints things seem to be better now. :disgust:

So about two weeks ago I had 3 credit card payments to make. Made sure adress was showing through the envelope window, made sure they were stamped and put on a return adress lable. Dropped them off in a mail box down the street...... They still haven't been delivered..........The mortgage payment I mailed from the same mail box last week was posted to my account today. (thankfully) I seem to have this jinx with postal service. I need to make all my payments on-line, this is making me crazy..... :|