Post your best poem here.


Oct 9, 1999
Just because unusually many people responded to my question "do you write poetry" then I´m going to ask you now, post your pest poem here. I´m first.

I look for peace

I ran from the world
I ran from my life
I ran so far away
I ran to peace

I saw a forest
I saw the big trees
I saw night coming
I saw the peace

I ran to the forest
I ran to the trees
I ran from the night
I ran to peace

I saw back
I saw what I am
I saw how I lived
I saw no peace

I ran into the forest
I ran further
I ran so deep
I ran to peace

I saw a meadow
I saw peace
I saw me lie down
I saw me sleep

I found peace



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Jan 9, 2000
I look for poetry

I ran from the inspirational posters
I ran from the books
I ran from the poofter magazines
I didn't watch where I was going and I smashed into this thread with the force of a thousand really fat people loaded into a truck going downhill

j/k :)


Feb 24, 2000
String Bean

I see you in my dreams, glimpses of something I can't obtain.
A love I feel so deep, you'll never feel the same.
You aren't real, you can't be human; my one true desire.
A pain inside me hurts so much, my soul like a fire,
You say you love me, you turn to others
I'll never have her, I can't love another.
I'm so empty without her, she cannot see it.
I love her more than life, she'll never know it.
So far away from me, out of my grasp
So close to my heart, all else comes last.
You can't love me, I pretend to laugh.
I ache inside, the pain will never pass.
I let you go, we'll still be friends.
I love her more than anyone ever can.
So much the same, so much to keep us apart.
Will I talk to you again, can you hear the crying of my heart.
A cancer inside, eating away at my life.
Look at me, love me, hold me, ease the pain, the strife.
I cry when you aren't around, I burn when you are.
I can't see her face, she is so far.
I promise to love you when no one else will, you'll do the same.
I know everything about you, we are one in the same.


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May 1, 2000
nice evan, you let me read it before...and it's damn good :D
damn guys....i couldn't pick out a single one, so i chose three that i thought were my best:

True Friends

Every day I wake up.
And i wonder how today's gonna suck
I always ponder, and ask 'Why me?'
I never seem to get an answer.
Sure, I smile, put on a happy face.
But that's just to cover up the pain, and disgrace.
On the inside the truth shows through,
Im nothing more than a comedian to you.
Hey, I poke fun at you;
But come on, you know i didn't mean it dude,
I'm just messin' with you!
Do I wanna go and chill with you?
Nah, not today.
I dont want you to see me,
And my fake face.
I say im your friend,
But then again, whenever you ask,
I never wanna hang out with you
I know, it's not fair to you.
I feel so alone, even though someone's there for me.
A friend, a best a friend as you can be
You ask, but i refuse to open up
Because of this, it's myself i screw.
Lay off me, go away;
Maybe I'll talk another day.
What? You're still here
You actually care...
True friends are always there.......


do you ever look up at the moon? the stars?
the beauty of it all
the endless awe
do you have a dream? a dream that you can share?
how hard do you work to get there?
conceptualize, realize
our dreams CAN be had
i work so hard to get to cloud nine
once i get there, it's gonna be all mine
what's the good of being there
all alone
no one with whom my dream i can share
put my feelings on a shelf, pack them away
they're no good for me
they bring me down
make me fall off my cloud
let's fly, fly to the moon
maybe one day, it can be a reality
instead of just a dream for me

and last but NOT least:


Extinguish the flame of life with a single tear...
Unwanted soul, haunted by a single fear...
Close your eyes, and wish the world away....
Like a ribbon in the sky, forever will my body lie...
Undaunted by mistakes of past,
Forever more this pain will last...