POST woes


Dec 20, 2005
Hi everyone,

I don't like making posts like those you see that just say "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help!11!" but I'm getting there :eek:.

For the majority of the past 6 weeks, my PC (self-built in late January), has been out of action. The first problem was the PSU blowing. I got a refund on the PSU (was a coolermaster that came with the case) and got myself a Hiper 530W. Everything was working fine for exactly a week. Then (my brother was using it at the time so i'm not sure what exactly happened) the system switched itself off and wouldn't power up: the one time I did try, the RCD was tripped and no power diagnostic LED's on the mobo light up. I checked the PSU and it had a distinct burnt smell.

When I got my 2nd Hiper, I connected the system up and pressed the power switch. All the fans started spinning, an improvement to setting the circuit-breaker off and then I waited for the beep saying it had passed the POST, and waited and waited :(. I removed the board from the case and trying booting with just the CPU and the case speaker connected but still got no POST error beeps. This said to me the mobo was at fault and when I contacted the seller, they agreed it was probably the mobo and so I sent it off. My RMA status said this

Displays fine. Had an old BIOS on it so I updated it. Test Components Used As Required. Tagan TG480 - PSU Western Digital80Gb PATA Maxtor 160Gb SATA XFX Gf6600Gt PCI-E PC3200(DDR) AMD64 939 - 2.0Ghz Venice

This seemed a bit strange to me since in the 10 months of owning it, the only thing I had changed with respect to the BIOS was the clock and boot order. But, I decided they must know

So I received the board today (the same one). I hooked it all up and it's just like when i sent it off. All fans spin up and no POST beeps at all, not even with just CPU and case speaker.

I called the shop today and they said they are certain there is nothing wrong with the board. They offered me an RMA for the entire system but I don't want to yet because it's very expensive! I had to pay a total of £30 for suitable delivery and the fee for sending an RMA component that was found to be working. I dread to think of the cost for sending a whole tower and the possibility of having another fee.

But, I can't see many other options. I'm completely clueless to what the problem could be. Imo, I'm getting no POST beeps which would suggest the mobo and the seller says it worked on their test-rig, maybe it is POSTing "quietly" and the graphics card is broken because I get no output to a monitor. I'm quite certain the RAM is fine becasue one stick is brand new. The PSU works fine, the diagnostic LEDs on the board light up how they should, it's fan works and all the fans are getting power. Maybe it's the processor? I just don't know :(. I always come back to thinking it's the mobo just because of the lack of beeps.

I would really, really appreciate any ideas you guys have that could help me find the cause since atm, it's looking like sending the entire system to the seller to work out or paying £70 at PC World for them to just look and tell me what part specifally is wrong (and they might not find anything)!

I am trying to use the following:
Athlon64 3200+ Venice 2.0GHZ (S939)
Abit KN8 Ultra - NF4 Ultra chipset non-SLI
1x512MB crucial RAM
1x1GB crucial RAM (brand new)
Sapphire X800GTO² (NOT an R520 core)
Hiper M series 530W

Thanks for reading! :)


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Nov 21, 2006
Disregarding the findings of the component test, I had the same problem with an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe and it turned out to be a fried chipset.


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Aug 6, 2005
Try one stick of RAM, and if the first doesn't work try the other.

I once replaced nearly every component in a System before finding this problem (MB, CPU, Video Card). I had high grade Corsair RAM so I figured it wouldn't go out - I was wrong, that was the problem.