Post a fun dream you had. I'll start.

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Dec 16, 2003
A couple nights ago, I had a dream where I was hanging out with my friends and all of a sudden a gem in my hand started glowing (circa Logan's Run). All my friends got a worried look on their faces and started backing away from me like I had the plague or something.

Out of nowhere, Death shows up and tells me that it's my time to go. I say no and that I challenge him to a battle of his choosing, winner gets my soul (circa The Seventh Seal). He tells me that we will sing to decide and that three random judges will decide my fate. He and I are allowed 1 item, with no restrictions. I choose my cat, he chooses Andrea Bocelli. Fuck. The judges' table appears, but the judges are all hidden behind a curtain. Begin the competition.

Death and Andrea Bocelli sing some opera and do an incredible job. My turn. I sing a 1-minute jingle about my cat, Thugernaut. Not so incredible.

Once it is over, the judges are unveiled one at a time as they vote...

Judge 1: Rasputin from the movie Anastasia. Votes...Death.
Judge 2: Rosemary's Baby. Votes...MoPHo.
Judge 3: Hitler. Votes.........MoPHo?

Death is freaking out and yelling about how Hitler could vote against him after everything he did for him during "Germany's Vacation Period". Then Death stops and something clicks. He then goes, "DAMNIT! YOU'RE END-STAGE-SYPHILIS-HITLER AREN'T YOU?!!?" Hitler just looks at death, licks his microphone and gives a :awe: face.

So that was my dream. Anyone else?

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May 24, 2003
lol that is messed... I'm trying to think of a really fun dream I've had, but meanwhile, here's a very weird sleep paralasys event I had a few months back.

I'm asleep but somewhat awake, and someone comes to hug me but I try to look asleep to not draw attention as I'm just too tired to talk. Then he wispers in my ear "I'll miss you, you will die tomorrow" or something to that extent. Then as he starts to leave I realize I'm not dreaming, and he vanishes. You'd think I would be terrified at this point, but sleep paralysis seems to put you in a very mellow state of mind and I was more like "that was weird" and went back to bed.

Come to think of it I had another weird one before that but I can't remember now. I don't normally get sleep paralysis and when I do it's rarely this realistic. That one was just so weird.


Mar 22, 2006
A two-part dream circa 6/7th grade:

You know the maze with the giant rolling boulders in Ocarina of Time's Fire Temple? Well, I was stuck in that maze, and I was somehow watching myself from the same camera angle as in the Fire Temple. In the air is this general feeling of oppression, and as I turn a corner, I see a boulder accelerating towards me. I turn around and another one is coming my way. I'm trapped in the hallway with two boulders coming at me... and slowly... slowly I'm crushed.... *cue wake up*

The next day, I was in the same maze - except this time, I have the ability to go super saiyan (a la DBZ). I turn a corner, see a boulder, and kamehameha the shit out of it. Then I realize I can fly out of the maze, which I then proceed to do. And I kamehameha every boulder left in the maze.

Weird. Not as epic as your dream, though.... I wish I could remember my dreams, sometimes I have some really convoluted ones.


Aug 21, 2007
I had a great dream last night.

I dreamt I was back in 4th grade, for which homeroom I had a real bitch of a teacher, Ms. Lamont. For some reason we were writing musical notes on the blackboard, and she told me to get up and write the scale for D Major. I got up and started writing the notes on the board, and she told me, "What about the words?" I said there are no words in a scale, just letters. She then said either to write the words or sit down. So I put down the chalk and said, "You can go fuck yourself."

I've never woken up in a better mood.


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Dec 31, 2005
I had a dream I went to a pet store to buy a snake, by then a python tried to eat me. I ended up having to brutally kill it. It was a very graphic dream.

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May 7, 2008
I once had a dream that little little black kids and little white kids could play together.
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