Possible Job Interview


Jan 6, 2002
The lady that called me was a recruiter so she wasn't super knowledgeable about what exactly the required. She told me since it's 50% PC setup/configuration I should be perfect for it. I've never really done Video Conferencing or Audio Video setup, and I told her this.

For anyone who's done any AV/VC in a cooperate setup want to fill me in on what I should expect to need to know? I'm thinking setting up projectors and some sort of basic video conference, but I don't know it might be much more complex than that. I won't assume it would be a breeze and something I could pick up after a few hours of work. Would be nice to hear from somebody in this field

this is the rundown

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
A+ certification Required
Basic PC experience Required
Level 1 VC and AV equipment experience Required
Flexibility Required
Willingness to learn and contribute to team dynamic Required
IBM Lenovo laptop experience Desired

I'm A+, been on computers my whole life and do repair for a living now. I don't have level 1 VC/AV, but I don't even know what "level 1" consists of, so possibly I'd still be capable of doing it.