Pop noise around rear at low speeds?

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Jul 21, 2005
Hi there,

Posted a few weeks ago about getting a new to me car, 2001 Mustang GT Bullitt, 62,000 miles. Had it checked out prior to buying, checked out again when I got the oil change after purchase, both were okay.

I've begun to notice a slight pop noise coming from the rear passenger side at low speeds while in first gear primarily, sometimes second. It only it one pop, sometimes two, then stops. It's not extremely often, but I've started to really try and listen for them now. It does not occur when going over bumps, and sometimes (but not always) when I make a left turn.

The car was lowered slightly from stock, and has a Cobra IRS. The guy I bought it from was very thorough multiple Mustang owner, helpful, friendly, and really knew his stuff (as much as one can tell). Anyway not that any of that matters in truth.

Googling I've found mention of sway bar end links (one guy mentioned his noise sounded like rear but found out it was front sway bar end links), tie rods (but that's a front issue, yes?) strut mounts, ball joints, etc. Any ideas AT Garage? I plan on taking it in this week but it's been bugging the heck out of me on what it could be!

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Feb 20, 2002
My guess would be rear sway bar end links or the connections where the rear sway bar mates with the body (there should be 2+ bushing / attachment points). You can generally fix the attachment points by applying some white lithium grease to the bushings where they interface with the sway bar (wrapping those areas of the sway bar with plumbers teflon tape is also a popular solution).

If you have adjustable end links there is a chance they are binding if not adjusted properly. End links should be sized with the car sitting on the ground (or a flat surface... you may need to put it on 2x6 pieces of wood or what not). If you have the car up in the air when you install them into the RSB, they may not be the correct length.

If you have adjustable end links, there is also a chance that the adjustment nuts are loose and causing the popping.
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