Poor Video performance on a 1900+ and G4 Ti4400


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Jul 29, 2002
Here is my setup:(no overclocking at all)
Windows XP Pro
AMD Athlon 1900+ (max. temp hits 47c)
Corsair XMS DDR333 512meg PC2700 Cas 2
Asus A7V333
eVGA Geforce 4 Ti4400 Det 40.41
SB Live 5.1
WD 40gig UltraDMA 100 HD
IBM 9gig UltraWide 2 SCSI HD
Adaptec 2940 UltraWide Controller Card
Compaq DVD Drive
Antec 350Watt PS

Here is the problem:
When I play Medal of Honor on my machine at 1024x768x32 it runs very choppy. I ran the same game, same graphic settings with Win98SE and it ran smooth as glass. I also run SimCity3000 Unlimited and while playing the game parts of the screen flicker. I want to keep XP installed but it is running my games like crap. I set XP to run for performance and still have the same problems in Games. I wonder if the video drivers are the problem, what are the best drivers to run. I ran 29.42's and had a lot of graphical glitches in games.



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Dec 19, 2001
People seem to like the 30.82 drivers now cause they seem to be the best at the moment, but when the detonator 40's get up to snuff, then everyone will be going to these.

I don't know if the drivers are going to affect that much on your setup, especially if it runs fine on one platform (Win98SE) and not as good on WinXP. Try it though and it might help. Plus you might want to install the SP 1 now too.