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Jul 10, 2018
Boppy lounger
When we first bought this product for our newborn, he wouldn't stay in it for more than a few minutes and so we thought we wasted our money and put it away. Now that he is 3 months, he will hang out in it for longer periods. We put it in between us on the couch so when he gets bored of entertaining himself we can jump in.

Love this Lounger!!
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I requested this item on my baby registry and loved it imediately. I used it from the time I brought my daughter home from the hospital until she was about 15 pounds. There are warning labels (like 5) attached to the pillow and at first I was concerned, but my daughter slept so soundly in her lounger and it allowed me to sit down next to her without being worried that she would fall or be uncomfortable. She loved her lounger, it was soft and easy to transport. We also used her bouncer when she was awake, but she seemed to be more rested if she slept in her lounger. I did not bring her basinet from room to room, so I left this in the living room and was so pleased. I highly recomend this to all new parents and urge you not to fear all of the labels.

Money very well spent
I ordered this on amazon before my baby was even born. Once it arrived I started to wonder why I ordered it and what on earth I'd do with it. It has turned out to be an absolute lifesaver. She LOVES this thing, my husband and I could not do without it. She fits in it perfectly and has since she was born. She is now 9 weeks old and still using it day in and day out. I'm very safety conscious but I let her sleep in it (for naps only) because I cannot for the life of me figure out why not. I agree with a previous reviewer that they are just putting warnings on it for liability sake. It is also PERFECT for taking to other people's houses and letting her lay on it while we are there, because it is so portable. The only thing I wish I had known was that they make a cover for it because you cannot put the lounger in the washing machine. I highly recommend the cover for it because if your baby blows out diaper you've got a real mess on your hands. Trust me. LOL
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You will love it!!!
I would HIGHLY recommend this product. This was given to me at a shower and it has been a huge lifesaver. Actually, my 6 month old is so attached to sleeping in it, not sure how I will break him of it! He even enjoys this better than his lounger with all the "bells and whistles"... I give this to all my friends expecting, now!

Love it!!
We keep this in the living room and it's a great alternative to putting the baby on the floor or couch. My son does nap in it, although it says not to, but only when we are in the room with him. We had the original Boppy for our oldest son, but didn't really use it too much. I'm glad I bought this.
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