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Poll: Presidential election

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Jun 27, 2000
Red, I can understand your feelings about the religious right. But looking at the course of U.S. history the trend would suggest quite a different story, i.e. we are moving away from religion in general. Wouldn't you agree?


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Jun 2, 2000

<< Well Bush in this election is Fresh Dog Sh!t, Gore is Dry Horse Sh!t and anybody else is Steak. You can either choice the Sh!t that seems less appaling or you can do what's best for you and pick Steak! >>

Except (as usual) Red leaves out the very poignant fact that your vote for Harry, or (whoever) simply dilutes the power of the mainstream party - which, thanks to Ross Perot is what got that 230-pound Albatross from Arkansas that Bore wears around his neck in office in the first place.

Vote higher taxes, bigger government, lies and deceit, or vote Bush. Until the abolishment of the electoral college system and a move to direct popular vote - this will always be the choice.