Poll: Ford, Chevy, or Dodge?

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Sep 13, 2000
Seems to mee all the companies all have thier own good thing when it comes to Trucks now with Chevy releasing a GOOD Diesel finally they will all have big trucks when it comes to Gas right now Chevy and Ford are on top will 2002 when the Dodge Ram gets those Hemi's into it but until then Magnum is great for the early 90's but real weak now.. When it comes to sports cars they had a nice comparison of the Cobra-R, Vette Z06 and Viper and they all took turns having a pro and con.. And trust me I am big on red, white, and blue but for economy cars I think that all 3 of the big boy's GM/FORD/Christler are all having some issues.. But Honda that is 90% made in the U.S. I think makes wonder cars


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Nov 19, 1999
My preferences, being that I am a truck-man:

1) Ford
2) Dodge
3) GMC/Chevy
4) Toyota