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[Poll] Do movie theatres charge too much?

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May 3, 2000
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Well, when you consider that a movie costs over $20mil to make cause the producer needs to get rich, and the director needs to get rich, and all the ppl who work on the picture are union and the lead actors need to make multi-millions on it, then no it is not expensive to fleece the average lower/middle class person to pay almost 2x the mininium wage to see the picture, $6.00 on $0.30 worth of popcorn and $2.50 for $0.11 worth of cola!

<cough, cough>
You have no idea what you're talking about.

Actually, I think KM has a very good idea of what they are talking about. Its all about the fleecing of America. The part that really bothers me is the 10 bucks you spend for less than 50 cents worth of food.

Movie theaters arent making huge profits. They have to sell concessions at that price to stay open, atleast in most markets.

They should be making money off the movies not the food and drinks. After all you go there to see a movie not to eat.

Average ticket cost is say 7 bucks(counting matinee's, discounts eg) the average movie has an average viewing audience of 100 per showing it's first two weeks. It is shown 5 times a day. This is a little under 50 grand for the first 2 weeks alone per film. This does not take into account theaters showing the movies on multiple screens. Multiply this by 1000 theaters and you have a little under 50mill in ticket sales alone in the US.. Add ticket sales overseas, DVD and other royalties as well as the remaining movie theater run and each film makes a killing. There are some good actors and actresses out there, but should any of them be earning 30 million a movie when some of them do a couple a year...No.

Maybe we need to be salary caps on the film industry and regulate it...either that or *gulp* disband the Screenactors guild(union)...