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Nov 24, 2014
Politics and News is a social sub-forum which is bound by the global AnandTech Forum posting rules, the enforcement of which is subject to moderator discretion.

Additionally, in accordance with rule #11 of global posting guidelines, the Politics and News (P&N) subforum has adopted local posting rules, which are enforced by moderation and community staff.

11) Respect individual forum specific rules. Some of our specialized forums have additional guidelines posted within that are expected to be understood and followed. This is especially important in our For Sale/Trade, Want to Buy/Trade For, and Hot Deals forums.
P&N's posting guidelines, which serve to supplement the AnandTech Forum posting rules, are as follows:
1. Insults or personal attacks are NOT ALLOWED. (Enacted per compliance with upcoming regulation September 30th, 2019.)
Ad hominem (to the person) and personal attacks (name-calling) are NOT permitted in Politics & News discussion. You may attack the message, but not the messenger. Members of this forum are expressly protected by the prohibition against personal attacks. DH0 and DH1 classifications of arguments are disallowed in order to keep the subforum civil.
This adjustment to the allowed discussion content is effective immediately - with a 30 day grace period for enforcement to be enacted to give discussion participants an opportunity to acclimate. Please take steps to familiarize yourself with proper civil debate form using "How to Disagree" and "15 Logical Fallacies".​
2. 2/6/16 -- Use of images: The written word is paramount in P&N. Images may be used in a post ONLY to supplement a written argument, but may not be your sole contribution to any one post, and must be used sparingly, in any case. Repetitive overuse of images by any one poster will also not be allowed.
In addition, since the written word is paramount, posts in P&N require personal commentary, not just links or just images or just anything.
Members are encouraged to report posts which are suspected of violating the forum's posting guidelines.

To report a post, please use the "Report Post" button which looks like a red triangle
located in the lower-left corner region of the post being reported and fill out message box with details that best highlights the suspected rule violation.

Member's who desire clarification on moderator actions, or lack thereof, within P&N are expected to seek moderator guidance via the Moderator Discussions subforum. Violations of this rule will be sanctioned for "moderator challenge in a public forum" in accordance with rule #13 of the AnandTech Forum posting guidelines.

Likewise for members who wish to discuss forum rules, clarifications on those rules, and gain deeper understanding of the specifics of the enforcement of the rules are expected to seek moderator guidance via the Moderator Discussions subforum. Special exception to this rule is made only in moderator sponsored threads specifically relating to Open Mic discussions and community voting on individual posting rules.

Please check out this post from Perknose as well if you'd like to comment on this rule change.
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