PLX Chip for Graphic + RAID performance combo


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Apr 7, 2014
I've got a G1.Sniper 5 motherboard, which has dual x16 mode pcie 3.0 slots.

I intend to get a GTX 690 (or similar dual gpu graphics).

I also intend to get a SAS 12/gbps Adaptec RAID Card, so I can connect several SSD hard drives and get several GB/s speed (yes, really: Gigabytes Per Second).

I've heard that using a PLX chip with a SLI setup in dual x16 mode is actually slower than using a native dual x8 mode due to the latency involved with a PLX chip. However, what do you think about using a dual GPU card in one slot and a mega raid card in the other? :twisted:

My expectation is that the raid card will be using the bus when games are loading, but after that, hardly at all. At the same time, graphics performance isn't real important during loading...

While playing the games, not much hard drive access is going on, so the graphics data is passing directly through the PLX chip (I assume) and the latency isn't as significant a factor in this setup as in a SLI setup that is utilizing 2 graphics cards.

I know a lot about computer hardware, but not quite this much. What do others think or know about this? Thanks in advance!


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Oct 28, 2013
2 dual GPU cards and a plex chip with some frankenstein raid setup? That sounds like a recipe for some really weird bugs.

may I ask why a 690? The 295x2 and if you're rich i guess titan Z just came out if you want the fastest of the fastest, but a good 780ti like the classified will provide almost the same performance when OC'd to a 690 and also will have better drivers and support.