Pls Help.. Need Advice on Monitor Upgrade or Video Card...


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Oct 9, 1999
Well, I got this iiyama Vision Master 21" (which I have had for the last 5 years!)
and its still going strong...

Thing is, everything is just so damn dark..

With Diablo II, I have to crank my brightness really high, just to see properly, and don't get me started on Quake III.

[EDIT]I remembered.. I got this Compaq Triniton Monitor at work, I think its a Diamond, not sure though, but it rocks!!! the quality is damn good. And its running on a ATI Rage Pro. (heh my old one!!)[/EDIT]

What shall I do,

1) Keep the Monitor, and ditch the Card?
2) Ditch the Monitor, and get a 22" Monitor I have been wishing for?
3) Do both, get a 22" and a Radeon. Hey, I would get a GTS Pro/Ultra cause I am a Nvidia Fan-Boy, but Im really a casual gamer, and want good quality video :D

What you guys think?