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Please vote for new TAC members

Please vote for two new TeAm AnandTech Committee members

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Ken g6

Programming Moderator, Elite Member
Dec 11, 1999
The TeAm AnandTech Committee maintains the TeAm profiles on BOINC projects, and fills the "Team Captain" role for stats competitions like Formula BOINC.

Committee: @Ken g6.
Members emeritus: @Rudy Toody, @petrusbroder, and Tom @Philippart.
Advisors: @Smoke, @RaySun2Be, and @Fullmetal Chocobo.

The idea is that we won't lose captainship by losing any one member. But @Philippart is MIA, and @petrusbroder has bowed out. So we need two new members. I'd like to get this started while people are still around for the Pentathlon.

The candidates nominated in this thread were, in alphabetical order:

@Orange Kid
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