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Please recommend a 'typing station'

Greg Chase

Junior Member
May 19, 2020
I need to type a lot (writing a book) and want a barebones laptop-like device. They used to have these, I think they were called 'work books' or something.
- I want no wifi. I do not want to have to remove any existing wifi hardware either
- need a full QWERTY keyboard
- and a USB port for a thumbdrive
- obviously a screen to read/correct/edit as I type

Friends have said "buy a laptop, strip it down" Not my thing.
Some said 'buy an old one on Ebay" I want a new one.

Preferably a non-windows or mac operating system because updates to them require a LAN or wifi connection and unless I can find a small machine without LAN, without wifi, I will use an actual typewriter.

I want the laptop-like keyboard and screen because it's a lot easier to read/correct/edit what I'm writing.

Any ideas?


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Sep 15, 2004
Something like this?



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Dec 24, 2000
I think you were references a "super book" ... be happy you didn't back that project on kickstarter like I did. LOL... Took a whole year longer for the product to come, at that time I didn't even need it or want it... then... once it did come, I kinda tinkered with it for few months, and it semi worked but most of the apps I tried to run on it (from the phone) and even games were a disaster, if the apps were not optimized it looked like crap. I eventually sold it for about half the price I paid for it.

In my van I use a mechanical keyboard that I really like using cherry switches. Amazon sells many flavors from 20 bucks all the way to 100 bucks (you get what you pay for). Tho, you could buy a cheap one and return it, if it doesn't fit your typing style. Anyway, I have a 4K tv that I connect my phone to via hotspot, I suppose I could do the same thing off my tablet, but I like having a large screen. Don't need to wear my glasses.

Now, if for some reason, your thinking well, that nice and all, but you don't have the unlimited data or whatever, I use visible for 25 bucks a month on a pixel 3a phone, provides unlimited 4G verizon tower data that includes a hotspot as well. Been using it as my main internet service wherever I go. Used tons of data, I don't torrent with this, but in addition to streaming all my music... I do all my work with uploading thousands of pictures and videos and I watch all kinds of films on youtube, netflix and amazon. Plus surf the web. No slow downs or warnings I've gone over any type of data limits. Shrug... So far... it's perfect. Couldn't be happier with the service. Well! It could be 1 gig speed, with 1ms lag. But... maybe when 5G comes out and that is another story.

Good Luck!