Please Help - Sleep Mode Causes Nvidia Cards in 3-way SLI and Drivers To Vanish (Only Working Solution Is to Physically Remove 2/3 and Reboot)

Apr 20, 2005
So once in a while, I accidentally click sleep mode when shutting down ( or inadvertently push the sleep button on keyboard and occasionally after a BSOD). After that, it's a world of hurt just to power back up, and when it does so, all 3 GTX 970's, Nvidia drivers along with all associated Nvidia software vanish. Reinstalling drivers results in an error saying there are no Nvidia cards installed while the device manager fails to fully recognize the cards. Even tried using that nVidia driver removal tool and then reinstalling the lastest drivers that resulted in failure.


Its a dual boot system with a 2nd drive, and booting the rig into that OS system results in the same thing. Only thing that seems to work is to physically remove all cards and then reinstalling just one. After that, I shutdown and reinstall the remaining 2 cards to get things back to normal. Happened again last night, but it was after a BSOD this time.

Would appreciate any advice on this.
Mar 10, 2004
Fool around with the advanced power settings. See if there is a setting in there that will stop the problem. There are Sleep settings, button settings, PCI Express settings in there. Maybe one of them will help. If nothing else, you can change what the sleep button does.
Aug 14, 2000
The first thing I'd be investigating is why you're getting BSODs so often. Are you overclocking anything?


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Oct 9, 1999
A three-way SLI of GTX 970 cards setup seems kind of outdated, sorry.
I'd suggest: try selling those and replace with maybe a single GTX 1080Ti.
Could be a PSU issue?
Apr 20, 2005
Sorry for taking so long to reply back. Using my outdated gaming rig to perform some CGI for work and can't really do anything else while it's rendering (software makes no use of multiple GPU's). If you can believe it, my rig is still twice as fast as the company CAD laptop I've been issued. So been working from home a lot.

This sleep issue has been ongoing since putting the rig together 4 yrs ago with a 1200W Gold rated PSU. Played with all the settings and chalked it up to the Asus X-99 Deluxe after seeing really poor reviews. Not CPU or GPU overclocking. With my engineering job requiring some heavy duty rendering, planned to upgrade to a 2970WX and dual 1080TI in the new year. But the 1080 TI's are long gone.

The software makes use of GPU rendering only with the 970 struggling badly taking 90 secs to render a single frame. Assuming a 2080 TI will reduce that 90 secs substantially, might as well bite the bullet and grab this one.

Or would the gaming OC version serve better? With rendering generating a constant load of 99% compared to variable loads gaming, it will make better use of a bigger heat dissipation blocks. I'll build the new 2970WX system around it.


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Oct 26, 2012
Should be a great card. Make sure it has a warranty and a return option just in case you are unlucky.