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Please help! Media Bridge?


Jan 26, 2007
I have my computer system and a stereo in one room, and just moved, and am able to take my old home stereo out of storage.

#1 My goal is to be able to have the music that is on my computer on my home stereo. Is there a good way to do this wireless?

I know controlling the computer from another room is an entirely other matter, which may or may not be part of the same solution.

#2 Is there a way to do the same with movies that I have on my computer? I have quite a collection of DVD and Blue Rays that I have on my raid drive. Biggest problem is the tv does NOT have a HDMI port. It does have a DVI port, and component.

I am running windows 8.1 on a I7 4930 with 32 gig of memory. I also have 6tb of hd space.
I am running Jriver as my media player, which I am happy with.

The stereo and tv will be in the same room as both the cable modem and my wireless router, so if there is some kind of media bridge I can use, it does not have to be wireless.