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Question Please help me with my SSD issues


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Mar 26, 2005
Hey guys, I have severtal different SSD issues and was wonderign if you could help me. My mobo is Asus HERO X470 Pro

1) Recently purchased an ADATA 2280 m.2 NVME SSD, which doesn't get detected in BIOS but does work in Windows. I have 2x M.2 slots on my mobo, and neither one of them detects this SSD.
I checked my mobo manual and it does say it supports M.2 PCIe SSDs. What I cannot understand however, is if one of the slots does not support but the other one does. Either way, like I already said, I tried both slots and it doesn't make a difference.

There is an interesting mention in the manual regarding PCIx16 slot being occupied by a video card and how that would disable a PCIe SSD from working entirely, but that doesn't seem logical. I don't think I'm reading that right.
Is it really possible that what these guys are saying is that if I use a video card, I cant use a fast SSD?!

By the way, my other M.2 SATA III SSD detects just fine by the BIOS.

2)All of the SSDs in my system perform much worse than advertised. I have a good mix of 2.5 and M.2 SSDs, and not a single one of them gives me anywhere near the speed it should be at. My 2.5" SSDs are actually very close to their advertised read speeds, but write speeds are complete shit. We are talking only about 100-200Mb instead of 500+.

I already made sure I have the latest BIOS, updated mobo chipset drivers, my SATA cables are fine, TRIM is enabled, and there is no setting in BIOS to disable on-board VGA(some folks mention it could be the culprit).

I used Crystaldisk info to obtain all my results, and assuming even that my SATA cables are bad, how come my M.2 SATA III speed is also shit?

Anything else I can try?

Thanks so much.

PS: Does it matter what the "keying" is? I noticed my SATA M.2 is "keyed" for just the M key, but the NVME has both M and B. I believe both of my M.2 slots have only the M key, but the M/B key NVME fits just fine and works in windows as mentioned previously.
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Aug 25, 2001
1) Recently purchased an ADATA 2280 m.2 NVME SSD, which doesn't get detected in BIOS but does work in Windows.
Is that your boot / OS drive, and does the UEFI boot to it properly? That's mostly what matters most.

It's possible that the "detection" in BIOS, has something to do with CSM (legacy) booting enabled / disabled, and CSM/UEFI preferences set to "Auto", "UEFI Only", or some other setting.

You could try playing around with those settings, and "Save and Exit Setup", then hit DEL to go back into Setup immediately after, and see if it is indeed detected.

OTOH, if it's booting properly off of it, but it simply just doesn't show up as detected in the UEFI, then I might not worry about it so much, it might just be a cosmetic issue.


Aug 25, 2001
I saw this in another thread. Seems to indicate, that it's possible for a PCI-E M.2 drive, to NOT show up under "Storage", but to still show up in the Boot Devices / Menu?

Not really. Any PCIe M.2 drive will work in a properly keyed* M.2 slot. They'll even work in a regular PCIe slot with an adaptor. But the UEFI
might not be able to "see" the drive under its storage configuration, but it should show up in the boot menu.
Like I said, if that's true, it could just be cosmetic.