please help, i keep losing my internet connection


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Nov 6, 2000
I think this might be software related, but i'm not sure. Maybe by NIC is dying or something. I'm running WinXP Pro and every few minutes i lose my internet connection for some reason. I can go into My Network Places>Local Area Network>support>repair and i'll get my connection back. I have DSL with 2 systems connected to a hub. The other system does not lose its connection. So the problem is isolated to this system. It just started today. Yesterday i installed ZoneAlarm and was having problems with it locking my internet even when it was unchecked and locking up my system. I uninstalled and deleted some remaining registry keys. Then i went to bed. Now today i'm have this problem. What do you think?


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Mar 1, 2001
your problem is zonealarm it happen to me also, after i removed it from a system it still blocked my connection to the net it is the trueVector you will have to go to the site and find the keys and files names that are loading at startup you will only be able to delete the file by booting into safe mode! I did this awhile ago so sorry if I am not making it to much easier on you but I am steering you in the right direction!