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Played - Episode 31


Jan 12, 2004
?We?ve upgraded your problem to super-deluxe-crazy status!?
-Chris Remo

We?ve got a really excited show for you guys! First, we chat about Target pulling Manhunt 2 off the shelves due to a hack that?s available for the PSP that removes the blurs Rockstar implemented into the game in order to hid some graphic content.

Also, (Geek out alert!) Chris and Mark chat about the new computers they?ve built for (Crysis!) all the incredible games due out this Winter and beyond. You?ll also get to hear about Chris?s nightmare of an experience with Alienware a few years ago, as well as Mark?s experience with Falcon Northwest.

Games covered in this episode include Crysis, Folklore, Wipeout: Ultimate Carnage, The Witcher, Conan The Barbarian, Eye of Judgement, Blacksite: Area 51, Metal of Honor: Airborne, Portal, and even S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gets a mention.