Planetside 2 Recruitment


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Jul 19, 2013
Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS that has been out for around 6 months. It focuses on Massive battles between infantry, tanks, and aircraft. There are three factions: The Vanu Sovereignty, Scientists who fight with alien tech, The Terran Republic, a faction that focus' on military grade weaponry and numbers, and the New Conglomerate who are self acclaimed freedom fighters who focus on hard hitting weapons. These three factions fight over territory on three massive maps which each support 2000 players each. The Three continents currently available are Esamir; a Snowy continent; Amerish, a Mountainous forest like continent, and Indar; a desert/canyon continent. Soon, there will be a new continent called Hossin, which will be a Swamp based continent.
There is much more to the game, all of which can be seen on the Planetside 2 wiki here:

If you want an easy reference to what this game is, its kind of like Battlefield 3, but much larger, and much deeper.
Oh, and did I mention, its FREE! Planetside 2 is completely free to play and download.
If you want to play Planetside 2 you can download it from my recruiter link, which will give you a free boost and weapon when accessing it threw this:
On top of that, if you spend money in the store withing 60 days you will get another special reward, and allow me to obtain a reward.

Alternatively, if you don't want to get recruited threw me, you can download the game from their official website here:
You just won't get any of the free items.

And remember, this game is FREE! You don't need to spend ANY money. I know many of you have probably played this game by now, but if you haven't it is well worth it. It is a unique experience that can't really be offered by any other game. You don't even have to necessarily like the FPS genre. I myself did not play FPS games until Planetside 2. It's a highly enjoyable game, with a promising future, recently being partnered with MLG.

Again, if you are interested in the game, and also want to help me out, here's the link: