plain app-less wired IP onvif PoE camera

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May 24, 2003
Can't seem to find anything these days, they are either all wireless, or require some app. Looking for suggestions for something that is going to be simple to setup, where I can just connect to an IP to configure it. I was looking at this one: But upon further reading it looks like you need an app to set it up. I don't have an android or apple phone I use a custom rom. I don't want to deal with apps that will spy on me or eventually stop being updated for newer phones and then the camera is useless. I hate this trend so much, it's planned obsolescence.

Goal is to set it up in Zone Minder so I want something that will work with that. I'm in Canada so our retail selection tends to be very limited too so need something I can get here.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping to pay less than $200 per camera.

I hear Hikvision is good but can't seem to find a place to buy them in Canada. Amazon is too iffy for this sort of thing as there will be lot of fakes with hacked firmware that does who knows what to my network. I do plan to set them on a total isolated vlan though so maybe this is not a big deal as long as they work?
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